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Do Lions Commit Suicide?


However.. Lions live in groups called prides, and sometimes they're evicted from the pride. It doesn't always have to be due to serious offenses, sometimes a male Lion is just not big and strong enough to serve a purpose. A Lion cannot live alone, so if one doesn't have a pride, it will inevitably die.

What would happen if someone found a Lion that had lost it's pride and decided to keep it alive. Feeding it, protecting it from packs of Hyenas, Giraffes, Crocodiles, other Lions, hunters, and giving it water from a far. The most likely answer is that the Lion would eventually just not eat, and would die anyways. That's why good zoos don't put big cats in enclosures by themselves.

Because Lions cannot live alone, in fact most mammals are not meant to be alone. Most animals don't survive their entire expected lifetime. There's a reason for this, I'm not saying its necessarily good or bad, but let me give you an example.. 95% of cheetahs don't reach adulthood, Cheetahs are the fastest animal on Earth, they are incredibly fine-tuned for both speed and agility.. because only the top 5% of each generation survive, resulting in the evolution of a radically efficient animal. Cheetahs don't live alone either, they still need each other to survive.

Okay, so how about an animal that over time has come up with ways to live alone and still have food, water and shelter provided; like the Lion that somebody has been taking care of; it still dies. Its pride decided it wasn't big or strong enough to contribute, so they got rid of it, nature runs its course and it dies. Its not a matter of right or wrong, its just nature, right?

No animal has been observed to commit suicide. So why do people? Most people will live out their entire life expectancy, since food is farmed and processed for them, medicine is available to help them survive illness and injury, shelter is built by other people to protect them from predators. Even though we don't interact with them, other people provide what we need, all we have to do is pay for things. This doesn't necessarily require characteristics like strength, smarts or size, but still no primate can survive a solitary lifestyle. We still carry some primordial instincts that predate agriculture, modern medicine, modern society. These instincts are what define what we look for in a partner, what makes people naturally afraid of dangerous things, what makes us require the company of others. We also have an instinct to evict people from the community who are detrimental to our way of living. Maybe they're not capable of making money, maybe they're not tall enough or big enough, they might smell bad, maybe they're just an asshole. The truth is, there are a lot of people who are not exactly fit to survive because they've never had to survive, and generations before them never had to fight to survive. We're not like cheetahs or Lions, who basically have to be perfectly designed to survive, or they get the boot. People should be allowed to be imperfect because they've evolved enough to give ourselves that survival wiggle room.

So why do we still act like primitive animals? Despite the fact we don't have to be so picky about who gets to stay in the Pride, we still are. We still throw people out of the community who aren't quite good enough as if they'll somehow keep us from surviving. When really, people, like all primates, like almost all mammals, like most animals, cannot survive a solitary life. They just can't, their brains don't work that way. Like a Lion evicted from the pride, a person alone will eventually die. Depression sets in, you stop eating, all you want to do is sleep, your body and mind are literally telling you to kill yourself. And many, many people do just that.

In the 21st Century, we should be past this, right? There's plenty of food available so just because that one Lion can't grow a full mane doesn't mean we should leave him to die. Maybe nature hasn't evolved to the point that any living creature is capable of compassion, yet. Or maybe we just still have yet to shed our natural instinct to abandon anyone that isn't germane to our survival.

Point being, my theory is this: suicide is basically exclusive to humans, the reason, I think, is because we are in an evolutionary transition. We've learned how to survive alone, but not how to live alone. Perhaps introverts are people who have evolved to the point of no longer needing a community to live. But as for extroverts, they're suffering, and our instincts implore us to remain apathetic, its not a virtue, its an iniquity.

Lions don't commit suicide. You shouldn't either.

The Suicide Hotline is 1-800-273-8255.

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